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And I know a ton of you are going to squawk that you've been with your partners for a million years and that you're rich and butter won't melt on your ass and that you wouldn't trade your partner in for a hot new model, but when you return to reality and stop checking out the available guys on Craigslist and Cam4, while your partner is farting on the couch, you can go ahead and secretly admit the truth. Read More

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A bookseller and publisher in Rotterdam, whose charts and maps were largely based on those of his father-in-law, Jacob Aertsz. His Nieuwe Zee-Atlas of 1660 was an important assembly of sea charts including many of South East Asia and Australia. 1802 utnmndes han till ljtnant vid Gta garde och gjorde, liksom ldre brodern, pommerska flttget mot Napoleon 180506. HERMELIN, Special kartor och ritningar till beskrifning fver Sverige, Sthlm 1806: 2 kartor. Generalkarta ver Gta kanal freslagen till sammanbindande av Vnern och Vttern med stersjn 1810. Read More

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