Alex and shin ae dating

Clazziquai's Alex talked about his relationship with his much younger girlfriend, Rainbow's Hyunyoung.SEE ALSO: [Interview] MXM answer your questions about 'Produce 101', future re-debut with Wanna One members, and more!

He attached a picture of a heart on a plate in the post and wrote, “From now, it is to you guys to do some great cooking.

The Alex and Shinae couple were chosen as the best couple in the history of MBC's "We Got Married." In a survey held on Nate for the movie "Nora's Will," netizens were asked which couple from the "We Got Married" program were most alike to Nora and Jose, in terms of unending understanding and love.

According to the article, there have been days when the couple stayed up all day laughing and having fun with each other until the wee hours but yet the production team never showed that side of the couple and is apparently trying to work up some “one sided love” and “awkward” concept between the two, stirring up impatience among the viewers.

Recently at a “wedding photoshoot” on the 100th day, it was mentioned on the private Cyworld of the photographer that Alex and Shin Ae spent the whole day taking pictures and there was even a “kiss” scene.

No wonder there seems to be something missing since Alex and Shin Ae returned to the show. I am still doing the cuts by the way but just doing it at my comfortable pacing.

I considered just doing the Anbi cut only but decided not to. There has been chaos in the forums of current hit Korean reality show, We Got Married, due to the cuts of Alex&Shin Ae as it was leaked by an inside source that all progress and intimate scenes of the couple were being edited out by the production company to project an “awkward” concept between them.

Now, I have even more reason not to watch when they are officially off the show, they were my favourite couple afterall.

For the memories, visit Al Shinlove Youtube for Alshin cuts.

After their honeymoon at the beautiful Jeju Island for 3 days, they will stay at their new home in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.[Park Jaegwan and Shinae started dating earlier this year and it doesn't hurt that their parents have been long family friends.

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