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The employee continues: 'We did not know you was deaf we did not know you couldn't hear.'The employee tries to signal to the deaf customer to leave the queue.

At various points throughout the two-minute video, car horns are heard.

Finally, the employee, who claims to be able to read sign language, refuses the deaf man service.

Dejected little Gordon doesn't seem to have any friends or family, only one colleague and just one supervisor who pops up once to remind him that, as a security company, they "need threats" to survive.

Since he has no private life of his own, perhaps it's no wonder Gordon gets sucked into the African couple's plan to escape their otherwise undefined country after Ayusha has been promised to a much older man in an arranged-marriage setup.

However, other customers' orders were ready.'We have a order already,' the employee says.

'If you had blew your horn or something, we didn't know, we kept on asking.'This might signal that the Burger King employees asked the man for his order through a drive-thru intercom, but he did not hear them because he is deaf.

The six-legged drones are equipped with cameras, guns, voice recorders and speakers that allow them to talk with locals or take them out, should they try to illegally get their hands on the "chocolate sauce," as Gordon calls it.

The machines contain state-of-the-art translation equipment, allowing Gordon to speak in colloquial English and the robot to communicate what he says in perfect Arabic in the desert, though the pods aren't very advanced mechanically, with their legs often giving out on the rocky terrain and no apparent possibility to resort to flying drones.

I am deaf and so I pulled up to the window.'Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food.' The deaf customer filmed the interaction and wrote of it: 'I went to the Burger King drive-thru in Dublin, Ohio. Then the manager said he was refusing to serve me and I had to leave without any food'It appears that the refusal resulted from a misunderstanding that occurred at a previous point in the drive-thru queue.

The deaf man pulled up to the drive-thru window awaiting his order, but his order was not ready.

El Arabi is also solid, but she suffers from having headlined a much more nuanced exploration of arranged marriage just last year, Stephan Streker’s ) often frames Gordon in tight symmetrical close-ups as he watches his screens at work, which pays off toward the end when the operator starts communicating with Ayusha via the drone and Nguyen's regular editor, Richard Comeau, can then create the illusion of shots/reverse shots even though the characters are thousands of miles apart.

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