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He was tall, slightly larger than Draco in build but he had the same sharp features and pointed chin. Dracos plan was far too risky to discuss in public; even the Slytherin Common Room wasnt private enough. In fact, if Draco had had his way, he wouldnt have involved them at all. They and by they, it meant Draco decided that doing the change on Slytherin turf would be far too risky. He could manage the task, of course, since the real Hermione was probably with her parents eating pie or something right now; however, his plumbing was different so it would take a little getting used to.

Crabbe asked and immediately regretted it as the words left his mouth. He pulled out the large flask from his robe and held it up in the dim lighting of his dormitory. Suddenly, the thought of Weasley and Granger in the bathroom was all he could think about.

But it was for a good cause, Draco convinced himself. In total, the process took about two minutes but it felt like at least twenty to Draco. The pulsing, squeezing, trembling it all stopped in a second and Draco stood up, feeling a sense of accomplishment. He turned to Crabbe and Goyle and stood in the anatomical position. The two boys were still very pale, their eyes wide open. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of his face in a puddle on the dungeon floors and screamed. His eyes widened in fear as the four tall boys came up to Crabbe and Goyle and shot Draco a nasty look. One of them, Draco recognized as Adrian Pucey, asked Crabbe. Granted, kink number one was the complete idiocy of Crabbe and Goyle, which was his own fault. But Granger probably wouldnt say that so Draco had to dream up another alternative that sounded a little more authentic. Oh God, theyre going to beat me till I bleed, he thought. Suddenly, Draco found himself racing through the hallways with Weasley-girl at his side. A couple of students walked past him and shot him perplexed looks while Weasley-girl furrowed her brow. Sometimes, I dont understand a single thing you say. And if he was to stick to his original plan of not getting beaten by the entire Gryffindor population, he needed to remain in character. Though, it appeared that while people had started to decorate, someone had smuggled bottles of mead and was distributing them to students. Its actually kind of really pathetic because all you seem to do is make out with Lavender Brown and then bitch about how I dont put you on a fucking pedestal and worship you. You both better cool it with the elitist, bitchy Im-too-cool-for-you, only-losers-eat-carbs crap. Otherwise, Im going to make sure that carbs are the least of your problems. She was being walked over by friends, frenemies, pseudo-boyfriends, douchebags the list was never ending. The day had been a long one and now that his feet looked like bulbous, swollen orbs, he felt it was time to retire to bed.

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Harry potter porngirls

Please tell me that the acoustics in the dungeons are shit and that you did not give me the hair of a GIRL. And now, there was a third unforeseen kink: he hadnt the faintest idea of where the Gryffindor Common Room was. He turned around and saw the Weasley girl running up to him. Oh, Granger he thought to himself, a small smile forming on his face as he walked past Lavender Brown and Bitch-brown twin and entered the Gryffindor Common Room. He turned to see the two people he had completely forgotten about sitting at a desk in the corner, huddled over sheets of parchment. The ginger turned a violent shade of red and then purple as he scowled and turned back to his parchment, scratching aimlessly. I was in the Junior Division Quidditch Leagues for two summers and Ive only ever missed two saves. And both times, it wasnt even my fault Mc Laggen trailed off, unaware that Draco had stopped listening to him after alright. Ginny, who was beside Draco, stared at her friend with awestruck admiration and stifled a small laugh. Sexy but in almost blinding pain or un-sexy with probability that foot may actually be in one piece by the end of the day? A shamefully large amount of students had passed out on the floor and couches before finishing their first bottle while those who had managed to remain conscious, continued parading around the common room, making complete fools of themselves. Weve been running the prototype to see how violently people can throw up and Ive got to say, this is the worst weve had. George, maybe we should try out the explosive laxative candies? As he tried to navigate his way through poorly coordinated Gryffindors, he felt an arm on his shoulder and he turned around to see Ron standing behind him, as red as well, as red as his hair. Seriously, I just got orally assaulted by one douche and thats enough for tonight. He loved that he could wolf down ridiculous amounts of food and no one ever questioned him or gave him the look. He heard the loud cheers of the Gryffindors as they marched through the school, chanting Weasley is our King or some inaudible, nonsensical string of words that conveyed the joy of their victory over Slytherin in the finals match.

I I swear I thought it was Swanns, Crabbe muttered fearfully. He was wandering the hallways with no apparent direction in mind. Weasley and Potter waved him over eagerly and without much of an excuse to ignore them, Draco complied and walked to them. Draco wondered if he could get away with a few hexes on Weasley but he decided that maybe he shouldnt push his luck, at least not yet. You know, Im the reserve keeper so Harry only has me come for practices once every two weeks. I am a far better Keeper than Ron but I guess you have to be on the inside track to get a position on the Quidditch team, right? Wow, this guy sure loves the sound of his own voice. He took a bite of the potato, enjoying as tickled his taste buds and settled itself in his stomach. I have a butt and a nice rack and let me tell you from experience, Im more into that than a flat chest and pancake ass. He had just used I to refer to himself as Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger. It was remarkable how many of Dracos preconceived notions about girls were coming true. Earlier that morning, the choice would have been clear. HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS two third years were belting. Were looking for more targets to use these ones up on. Draco didnt know what that meant and he didnt want to. Suddenly, he wished he were back upstairs listening to Ginny complain about making out with Dean Thomas. Mc Laggen dangled the mistletoe and pouted, trying to make a sexy face. You should be a poster boy for birth control He threw his hands up in resignation and stormed away. But most of all, he loved that Crabbe and Goyle couldnt go more than three hours without running to the toilets and not emerging for a solid half hour each time. An hour or so ago, he swore he saw a bunch of Gryffindors parading the Quidditch Cup around the school.

Draco held the hairs in his hand, looking past them at Crabbe and Goyle who had oafish grins on their faces. A few spells, hexes and punches later, they emerged with one less eyebrow, black eyes and a strand of Kevin Swanns hair. Ill go in and figure out their Quidditch strategies for the final match and before you can say Bobs your uncle, well win that match on Saturday. He took a swig of the drink and felt it slowly, trudge down his throat. Ginny rolled her eyes and pushed Draco past the two girls and into the bathroom where she closed the door. Right at the base of her neck, Draco noticed two little red spots where, he assumed, Dean Thomas teeth had been. He sifted through the spells he knew and came up empty. Draco said, feigning enthusiasm and trying to hide his mild disgust at the same time. Deans going to have his tongue all over you in no time and Weasley wont be the wiser of it. The moment he entered, they stopped and shared meaningful looks. He was not averse to naked women in fact, he loved naked women.

All they had to do was make one snide comment about Potters mother, and the entire Gryffindor posse would be ready to fight to defend their precious princes honor. He watched with revulsion as the potion bubbled with essence of Gryffindor and it did him very little comfort to think that, at least, Swann was a pureblood. Draco guessed she was wondering if Hermione was on drugs. She turned around and let the shirt fall off her shoulders. Kink number five was clearly that people expected him to be as smart as know-it-all-Granger, which he wasnt. He went back into the dormitory where brown-bitch-twin and Lavender Brown were giggling and gossiping.

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The voice with which he had spoken had not been the husky, slightly prepubescent voice of Kevin Swann. Please tell me that Kevin Swann is going through a very painful and unfortunate pubescent voice change. A small smile broke out as he shared a look with Goyle. In fact, Im going to go now and find some green things to wear. He hurried past the four boys and as he passed Crabbe and Goyle, he whispered threateningly. However, the four tall Slytherins had instilled a newfound and temporary sense of confidence in the two boys. Second was the obvious animosity he would face from Slytherins. But then a small smile broke out on her face and she chuckled. Wigglefish, she muttered and the portrait swung open, revealing the common room. They were pointed-toed heels and while they did make her large feet look particularly dainty and her short frame much taller, they hurt like a mother. Maybe I get a high mark because I actually do the work. But Harry and I have been spending a lot of time together Then dump him. Now its a party, Draco muttered to himself, reluctantly allowing himself to feel a bit of admiration for the Gryffindors. He looked in the mirror and saw his own reflection: blonde, charming and pretty much perfect.

He opened his eyes and looked into the terrified expressions of Crabbe and Goyle. Dracos hands felt his face, moved down his neck and suddenly grasped on to two firm objects on his chest. Something about Gryffindors being better than Slytherins. Draco felt his heart beat a little faster as the four boys four incredibly large boys turned to him and flexed their muscles. No, I think youre all fantastic, Draco muttered quickly. Actually, now that he was in Hermione Grangers body, he realized that flying under the Slytherin radar was almost impossible. Draco continued walking for a few more seconds until he realized that Hermione at least, for the next twenty four hours meant him. I thought you went home for Christmas, she said curiously. Granger had gone home for Christmas which meant that she would not be returning until the end of the week which meant he could avoid possible kink number four: running into the real Hermione Granger and being beaten to a pulp by angry gingers. He noted, in particular, that they were just high enough that he was now taller than Lavender Brown, if only by a few centimeters. There was a new form of satisfaction that came with insulting Ron Weasley in someone elses body particularly one that Weasley wouldnt dare harm. I mean, when he touches me and his lips are against mine- Draco, once again, had the urge to kill himself. That admiration faded within an hour, however, when he realized that Gryffindors were cheap drunks who couldnt hold their liquor even if their lives depended on it. But these puking pastilles are gimmicky compared to the things we have been working on this month. He enjoyed that he could now walk around his dormitory in his expensive but very comfortable dragon-hide boots.

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