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If you download/upload a song, movie, or TV show, you do risk a civil lawsuit.

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Download speed is controlled by torrent tracking servers, who monitor all swarm users.

If you share, tracker servers will reward you by increasing your allotted swarm bandwidth (sometimes up to 1500 kilobits per second).

By straight gigabytes of bandwidth used, bittorrent networking is the most popular activity on the Internet today.

Like the other file-sharing networks (Kazaa, Limewire (now defunct), Gnutella, e Donkey, and Shareaza) Bittorrent's primary purpose is to distribute large media files to private users.

You could say torrent users are motivated, not by money, but by a "Pay-It-Forward" cooperative spirit.

If you recall the model of the 1990s, bittorrent swarming is the same, but with sharing incentive added.NET Framework 4: Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 - , : , , . , millions of users continue to share their files and thousands of new torrent users are added every day.Bittorrent networking is the most popular form of modern P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing.Since 2006, bittorrent sharing has been the primary means for users to trade software, music, movies, and digital books online.This lawsuit risk is a reality, and you must accept this risk if you choose to download P2P files.

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