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Just because you didn’t close the deal today, doesn’t mean you never will.

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Take the shot; if you don’t, you can never make it.

Another statistical fact that gives you hope for tomorrow, and every day after that.

That should be your attitude in training, in sports, or in any aspect of competition in your life.

Wanting to achieve is the most important step in achievement. The most important aspect of any competition is working hard.

Whether it’s a game-winning shot, missing a deadline at work, or not picking up milk on the way home, you always have a chance to redeem yourself. The reality is that making it to the level of professional sports is incredibly rare.

To be as great as Mike Singletary is once or twice in a generation.Every ounce of sweat on the ground is another ounce of joy when the scoreboard is in your favor.There are no championship players or teams that tell reporters, “This was such an easy win.” When there is a road block in your way, it is almost always mental.Having the right effort and work ethic is worth a lot more than talent, and it will take you places that talent can’t get you. The best competitors are those who love to compete.If you are trying to dance around a batter, they have the advantage. What separates the good from the great is determination and work ethic.

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