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Trust companies are one of the largest and most rapidly expanding segments of China’s shadow banking industry, estimated to be at least 20 trillion yuan (approx.

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I have cobbled this together from various sources but would like some assistance in pulling it all together.

While the fine is trivial sum for Shanghai Trust, sources said that regulators had dealt a heavy blow to the company by placing a three-year ban on sales of its products to the insurance sector – one of the trust’s most lucrative sources of funds.

While authorities may possess the political will to crack down on trusts, successfully reining in the sector could still prove challenging for a number of reasons.

Shanghai Trust is one of the largest players in the sector, with 3.89 billion yuan in revenue as of the end of last year.

The regulations it breached reportedly restrict the borrowings of real estate developers to three times their existing net assets.

While the companies fall within the purview of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, they are not held to the same stringent standards as conventional lenders, lacking the commensurate capital adequacy requirements for example.

After targeting wealth management products and interbank certificates of deposit, Chinese regulators are now turning the spotlight onto trust companies as part of ongoing efforts to curb shadow banking activity and stymie systemic financial risk.

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The council and the company agreed last month that the turbine should operate from 8am-5pm only, and should also be turned off during bank and public holidays, five working days at Easter, a fortnight over the Twelfth of July period, and over Christmas and the New Year.

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