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After exchanging some messages, they can send a request to see pictures.

Once they feel comfortable enough, they can send each other their contact info to meet in real life.

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Now, Et3arraf comprises 40,000 users, 40% of whom live in Saudi; another 40% live either in Egypt, Jordan, or Morocco.

These users are the heart of the service: Et3arraf counts on what they call ambassador users to voice their opinions, helping to improve user satisfaction.

In between Saudi and Lebanon In the beginning, Cédric Maalouf targeted Lebanon.

But, after realizing that this market was too small and that the real need was in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, he changed his service to target more traditional countries like Saudi.

The team, which already numbers four employees and makes money from paid subscription from male members and virtual goods, is now looking to hire and expand its members to reach the half-million mark by the end of the year.

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It was back in 2012, when Et3arraf was only an idea, that Cédric Maalouf starting looking for funds to turn it into a reality.

After the usual Lebanese startup support organizations all refused to invest in him, pinning their decision to the lack of MVP, Maalouf turned to Lebanese accelerator Seeqnce.

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Decided to seize this opportunity, Maalouf moved back to Lebanon to adapt compatibility algorithm-based dating services of the West, like e Harmony, to Arab cultures.

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