Updating microsoft internet explorer

These events describe failures that might have happened on the site and can include information about specific controls and webpages that failed.

Updating microsoft internet explorer

Auto Complete collects and stores in the registry on your computer the data you type in web form text boxes and the Address bar.

If you choose to use Auto Complete for passwords, they will be stored in encrypted form on your computer.

As you browse the web, Automatic Crash Recovery in Internet Explorer stores information about your browsing session on your hard disk in the event of a crash, hang, or other unexpected shutdown.

If your browsing session is shut down unexpectedly, Internet Explorer offers you the opportunity to resume your last browsing session.

When you turn off Active X Filtering on a website, Internet Explorer stores the address of the website on which you have chosen to disable Active X Filtering.

You can delete this data at any time with Delete Browsing History.In this page Internet basics Web browsing features that store data Features that help you control your data Features that help you connect to online services Features that use Microsoft online services How we collect, use, and store your information At Microsoft, we're working hard to protect your privacy while delivering products that bring you the performance, power, and convenience you desire in your personal computing.This privacy statement for Internet Explorer 9 (“Internet Explorer”) focuses on features that communicate with the Internet, explains how those features collect your data, and describes the way that data is used.Note Turning off Automatic Crash Recovery does not prevent Internet Explorer from saving information about your tabs; it only disables the recovery of your tabs or browsing session.None of this information is sent to Microsoft unless you choose to send it, such as in an error report.It does not apply to other online or offline Microsoft sites, products, or services.

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