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Some OEMs also use DMI tables to store information used preactivate Windows installations.That is why you can reinstall the OS on a Dell or HP without getting the nag about activating within 60 days.It is possibly, but unlikely, that it is a hardware issue relating to your hard-disk.

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I had a similar problem when I had a USB stick attached and it wanted to boot/read from there first.

Well and running a Microsoft Preview is always very likely to be unstable ;) I found some other hints on a German forum entry which may help you, too even though it is only when the bootup freezes at the DMI pool verifying: DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface.

DMI has been superseded by a newer standard called CIM. As other's have mentioned, reseting the BIOS will usually make this message go away. I would update the BIOS, reset it to factory defaults, and if that doesn't do the trick, do an RMA on it and try a new one.

DMI stands for Desktop Management Interface and is the part of the BIOS that makes it easier for the operating system to get device information, etc.

Last night after resolving a hijacked hosts file issue on my Vista desktop, I got a bluescreen (that I couldn't catch the details of) and my machine rebooted.

Recently I've been having "Display driver stopped responding..." errors (question) that may or may not be related to the current issue.Being able to get to this point, can I safely assume that there are no issues with my motherboard, memory, hard drive, power supply, and video card?I'm thinking/hoping that this is either a BIOS or Windows issue and not hardware-related. I would agree that it would be extremely unlikely to be hardware issue relating to your motherboard, memory, power supply, and video card.I booted back in to the recovery console and it said there were issues with startup and it could fix them, I let it try... Basically, I've tried everything I know how to do, nothing's working. EDIT: Okay so it appears that my "Boot manager is missing or corrupt" - no doubt due to the fact that my boot folder was totally wiped out... This just replaces all the system files, while leaving all the programs and data. Often better on the nerves to just backup and reinstall.Before I ask a question, this link might help to understand the MBR & Partition Table process: Do you have one HDD or 2 or more? If 2 or more, make sure you have set the BIOS to look for the 1st (system C for Windows) drive, in the drive table list. called the desktop management interface (DMI) pool.

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